Changlan Electric Technology Co.,Ltd, previously known as Changsha Cable Accessory Co.,Ltd, was founded in 1958 and as such Changlan develops, manufactures and markets an extensive range of high-quality cable accessories from AC/DC cable accessory (termination, joint, connector) to hardware fitting (lug, connecting fitting,clamp) to instruments (cable hauling machine, compression tool, cross link box, drum stand) to auxiliary materials (waterproof tape, fire resistant tape, sealing glue).

As the leader in cable accessory with 60 years dedication, Changlan has been represented in over 30 countries .

Policy support


We’re looking for potential agents/ distributors worldwide, esp those who had a proven record of experience in this field. Policy support including but not restricted to following:

1. District exclusive agent support

2. Quality product with competitive price support
3. Advertising and promotion support
4. Sample and sales personnel support
5. Constant new product support
6. Proper sales target and performance incentive
7. Product training and counselling support
8. Installation coaching and servicing support

If you’re interested in working with us,

Kindly please contact: